Secret Agent Phone Holster

The long ringtone of the law

  • Gun holster that holds your mobile phone
  • Compatible with nearly all models and bodies
  • Includes self-adhesive 70s sideburns & stache


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The long ringtone of the law

Starsky: "Well, here we are again facing danger together in the pursuit of law and order. To the average passerby, we may seem like three ordinary people... on the way up to the maternity ward, to see if it's a boy or girl or something in between. Little do they know that we are three highly dedicated servants of the public."
Hutch: "Starsky?"
Starsky: "Huh?"
Hutch: "Shut up."

Did He Fire Six Shots, Or Only Five?

Whether you're Starsky, Hutch, Ponch, Baker, Thorny, Farva, Mac, Rabbit, Beckett, Crockett, Tubbs, Angel, or Butterman, you'll need to look slick when you're facing danger in the pursuit of law and order. You need to keep your ultimate weapon handy and hidden under your jacket. And by ultimate weapon, we mean your smartphone. Unless you're a K9 like our pal Hooch. He'd probably use a holster to carry a big ol' bone.

Worn like a real FBI-style gun holster, this fun accessory is an ingenious way to keep your smartphone ready to grab at a moment's notice. But we don't stop there. The Secret Agent Phone Holster includes stick-on seventies sideburns and a handlebar mustache for when you're feeling retro. It's instant Starsky & Hutch!

Product Specifications

  • Phone holster lets you play good cop (or bad cop, or goofy cop)
  • Holster your phone and slap on a fake stache. Who's laughing meow?
  • Holster is big enough to fit nearly all models of mobile phone
  • Self-adhesive 70s-style sideburns and handlebar mustache included
  • Great for Halloween, cosplay, or Thursday

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