Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

No fish food needed.

  • Swims around just like a real fish - except this one doesn't ever need to be fed!
  • Multi-LED light show makes it all even fancier.
  • Just add batteries and dihydrogen-monoxide


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No fish food needed.

Goldfish Bowl

We love goldfish, but alas, we're also lazy and forget to feed the little dudes. And we're ever so tired of all the toilet bowl funerals. That was just a joke to mention toilets, as we would never fail to feed our fishy friends. But what if there was an easier way to enjoy a goldfish without having to worry about food? There is (huzzah!) and it is the Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl.

Playing with your new Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl is super easy. Put fresh batteries into the top, push the base decoration into the bowl, fill the bowl with water, and put the top back on. Tap the top and the fishy "swims" around - looking quite alive. There's even an LED light show that morphs from one color to another for the perfect relaxing fishy mood. All you have to feed your Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl is batteries, and it will love you as much as a piece of plastic can love a human. Forever! Never again will you have to write "RIP Cap'n Goldikins" on your toilet. We salute you, Cap'n.

Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

  • Just like a real fish, it "swims around." But unlike a real fish, you never need to feed it!
  • Hard plastic bowl - just add batteries and water (both not included).
  • Three Modes:
    • Demo - Fish swims for 30 seconds with lights (button must be pressed first).
    • Play - Fish swims for 90 seconds with lights.
    • E.P. - Fish swims for 5 minutes with lights.
  • Includes: Clear plastic bowl, fish unit, and base decoration.
  • Batteries: 3 x AA
  • Dimensions: approx. 7.5" x 4.5" x 7.9"

Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl Video: