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Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas

This IS the umbrella you've been looking for.

  • Hold on to the Lightsaber hilt and protect yourself from the rain.
  • Anodized shaft in the appropriate color of the saber blade.
  • Carrying sheath (with shoulder strap) included.


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This IS the umbrella you've been looking for.

Lightsaber Umbrella

Beyond the Outer Rim, spins a stormy planet. Long, long ago, climate change led to all the continents being submerged - forcing the inhabitants to build cities on stilts. The planet is, of course, known (by the few who know) as Kamino. Apart from always being rainy, it's a place famous for two exports: clones and Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas. While we can't sell you any clones (against Republic Law), we sure can sell you the 'brellas!

These Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas are just freaking awesome. The hilts have been scaled down a bit, so they are very comfortable to hold. And while the shafts don't light up, they are anodized (and a little sparkly) in the proper blade color. The canopy part even has the saber owner's affiliation insignia (Jedi or Imperial) silk-screened on it. These Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas are ready to turn heads while keeping yours dry! If you don't use one of these Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas, you will get wet when it rains. And then Vader will sadly bellow, "Nooooooooo!"

Lightsaber Umbrella

Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas

  • Each umbrella has a different Lightsaber hilt (slightly scaled down for easier use).
  • While it doesn't light up, each shaft is anodized in the proper color for the saber's blade.
  • Each umbrella part has silk-screened insignia (either Jedi or Imperial) of the corresponding faction of the saber's owner.
  • Choose yer saber:
    • Yoda - green shaft - Jedi insignia
    • Darth Vader - red shaft - Imperial insignia
    • Obi-Wan - blue shaft - Jedi insignia.
  • Carrying sheath (with shoulder strap) included.
  • Fully licensed Lucasfilm collectible.
  • Dimensions:
    • Canopy Diameter: 47"
    • Total Length: Vader/Obi-Wan: 39"' - Yoda: 28.5"

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