Avenger XBOX 360 Elite Controller

Blow away the competition!

  • External adapter for XBox 360 controller
  • Improves accuracy, agility, and reaction time
  • Customizable to fit your hands & play style


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Bonus: The current crop of Avenger Elites come with Bionic Double Action Trigger Attachments pre-installed, to give you the ultimate gaming edge!

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Blow away the competition!

It Just Feels Right

We could wax on about how much fun/annoying it is playing games on the internet and the reasons why some of us have a Friends Only policy for online gaming. But that would take up room that we could use to say how friggin' awesome the Avenger is and why it's going to make you a gaming god/dess.

The Avenger is an external adapter. It snaps on over your existing XBOX 360 controller and will improve your situational awareness, accuracy, agility, and reaction time. The Avenger allows for rapid, fluid movements between individual buttons and analog sticks. Equipped with a stabilizer stand, customizable levers, high-precision tension straps, hair-trigger capabilities, and sensitivity adjusters, the Avenger can be fine-tuned like an instrument.

Got bigger or smaller hands than the average gamer? Avenger lets you customize your controller to perfectly fit your digits. After you've created the perfect fit, run around in your favorite FPS and take some practice shots. Be warned, though! It's a bit like hopping into a race car when you're used to driving a beater. Take a bit of time to get used to the advanced rapid fire capabilities. Then challenge your friends to a "casual game." Mwah ha ha.

Product Specifications

  • External adapter for the XBOX360 controller
  • Improves situational awareness, accuracy, agility, and reaction time
  • Allows for rapid, fluid movements between buttons and analog sticks
  • Gives you the competitive edge in FPS games, sports games, racing games, and action-adventure games
  • Customizable to fit your hands and your personal gaming style
    • Bend the arms back
    • Increase tension on hair-triggers
    • Reconfigure the button layout
    • Experiment with strap sensitivity
    • Use the optional tripod for added stability and precision
  • No longer will your slow internet connection mean your death in your favorite game!
  • Turn your predators into prey with the Avenger Controller!
  • Requires: XBOX360 controller (not included, but your system totally came with one)

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