Tesla vs. Edison

Round One: FIGHT!

"It is incorrectly noted that Thomas Edison invented 'push-ups' in 1878. Nikolai Tesla had in fact patented the activity three years earlier, under the name 'Tesla-cize.'" - the Fact Sphere from Portal 2


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Round One: FIGHT!

Yeah, so they totally made up "Tesla-cize" above, but we're pitting the two inventors against each other in a strange fact-off.* They duke it out. A winner is you!

  • Wait. What? Tesla believed that both voice and image could be transmitted through the air. Click "Like" above if you just read that sentence over a wireless connection.
  • He was a rocker. He rocked out. Edison had a tattoo, but also invented the engraving apparatus that was later adapted by Samuel O'Reilly into the modern rotary tattoo machine.
  • And the number of the counting shall be three. Toward the end of his life, Tesla became obsessed with the number 3. He died in the New Yorker's suite Suite 3327.
  • Made for each other. Edison proposed to second wife Mina in Morse Code. She also accepted in Morse.
  • Pew pew pew! In 1934 Tesla conceived of a weapon (for national defense) which would use electrostatic repulsion to shoot a beam of particles. Death ray!
  • Shocking. No, really. As part of his campaign to debunk alternating current, Edison encouraged the use of AC power to electrocute dogs, cats, a horse, a man, and an elephant. And filmed it.
  • Absence makes the brain grow stronger. Edison was (mostly) deaf. Tesla was celibate. Both claimed the lack helped them work better.

Tesla and Edison duke it out on the front of this chestnut brown, 100% cotton t-shirt.

* We attempted to validate these using reputable sources, but strange facts have a way of being... strange. YMMV.

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