Bicycle Spoke LED Light

Enlightens your spokes.

  • Easily installs in your bicycle spokes to add some lights to your ride.
  • Helps you be seen in low light conditions.
  • Also looks like those cycles made out of light from that movie with the computers and things.


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Enlightens your spokes.

Spoke Light

Spoke Light

Hey, remember that movie with the cycle things that were made out of light and computer stuff? We forget what they were called, or what the movie was called, but we sure would love to drive those things. Oh well, at least we found an inexpensive way to fake it; just slapped two Bicycle Spoke LED Lights into our regular bicycle and pretended!

Bicycle Spoke LED Lights just slide down into the spokes to lock in and turn on with a squeeze. Choose from either flashing mode (flashes) or steady on mode (doesn't flash) and get ready for a light show with every pedal. Go fast enough, and your Bicycle Spoke LED Lights might make you feel like you are actually in that computer movie with the things and stuff. Glowy throwing disk not included.

Please Note: Your Bicycle Spoke LED Light will arrive in "Try Me" mode, which shuts off after 1 minute. Just follow the easy instructions to enter "Real Life" mode.

Bicycle Spoke LED Light

  • Increase your visibility while looking cool with these easy to attach spoke lights.
  • Easy to install in your spokes and sort of makes your bike look like those cool bikes from that inside the computer movie and its sequel!
  • Two light modes: constant on and flashing.
  • Shock and weather resistant.
  • Fits most common round, straight-gauge spokes laced in a three cross spoke pattern in wheel sizes 16" - 27" (with a spoke count of either 32 or 36).
  • Sold in single units (i.e. you'll need to buy 2 if you want one for each wheel).
  • Color Choice: Blue.
  • Batteries: 2 x 2016 3V Lithium (included).
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 1.5" x 1".

Bicycle Spoke LED Light Video: