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Secret Decoder Ring

Code and decode secret messages on your finger

  • The perfect rings for spies or paranoid weirdos
  • Twist the interlocking bands to reveal the code
  • Small, medium, and large sizes available

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Code and decode secret messages on your finger

Big Brother is watching. Listening. Reading your notes. What can you do? The tinfoil hat only protects your brain from the aliens. Once you put your ideas down on paper, anyone can read them. ANYONE. Possibly even the aliens with their x-ray beams. But definitely Big Brother since you're 99% sure that your house is bugged for video and audio. How else does Google find out you want to bake spam casserole?

Paranoid much? (It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.) Pick up a pair of Secret Decoder Rings and you'll be able to encrypt your most personal messages, like the sticky notes you leave on your significant other's lunch bag. Nobody needs to know that she calls you Pookiepants and you call her Snoshmuffin. Simply remove the ring from your finger, twist the interlocking bands and you'll be able to code and decode your messages in a jiffy.

Highly Detailed In Use

Product Features

  • Code and decode secret messages with your jewelry
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Three sizes available:
  • Small (size 6) - 16.5mm diameter - for slight ladies (or wearing on a chain)
  • Medium (size 10) - 19.8mm diameter
  • Large (size 12) - 21.3mm diameter

Secret Decoder Ring Video:

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