How is babby formed?

When a man and a woman love each other veerrrrry much, they combine their chromosomes into a single being, much like Voltron. Only with less mech involved. Well, we don't know. It is OUR customers we're talking about here.

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How is babby formed?

Let's face it. Science makes everything better. Caffeine? Good. Caffeine + electrolytes + intravenous therapy = awesome. Diet Coke? Good. (Work with us here.) Diet Coke + Mentos + fluid dynamics = tasty asplosion. Static electricity? Good. (We did mention you were going to have to work with us, right?) Static electricity + mylar + Van de Graaff generator = hours of enjoyment. *clears throat* Love? Good. Love + science = new minion to assist in your quest to take over the world! Yay! Who wouldn't want that?

This 100% combed ringspun cotton creeper features the words "Made with Love (and Science)" in yellow on deep turquoise fabric. Reinforced three-snap closure and lap-sleeves..

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