Minecraft Creeper Shirt

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Hissssss-ssssssss-ssssssss. Kaboom!

Nothing's worse than spending hours working on a project just to have some jerk come in at the last minute and mess it all up, whether it's a bully, a thesis adviser, or your boss. Now it's your turn to be that bad guy. Embrace your inner Creeper!


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Hissssss-ssssssss-ssssssss. Kaboom!

ThinkGeek is your source for officially-licensed Minecraft gear.

Retro-graphics. Simplistic gameplay. Minecraft takes gaming back to basics. Punching trees and rocks or digging tunnels, you slowly gather an arsenal of weapons and tools to fend off the spiders, skeletons, zombies, and exploding Creepers that are a constant threat. The exploding Creeper is our nemesis. We know you feel our pain.

Sometimes it's fun to be the bad guy, though. Taking those dreams and shattering them. We recommend you wear this shirt around:

  • Playing card structures
  • Jenga tournaments
  • The set of any OK Go video

Black pixelated face on an Irish green, 100% cotton t-shirt. Okay, listen up people. This is a highly-saturated color. If you want it to remain that way, you have to be careful when you wash it. If you toss it in the warm wash with your underwear, you will create green underwear and a drab shirt. Wash this with your darks. Wash it in cold. Add a cup of vinegar to the wash to help maintain the green color. Got it? Good.

Note: The color of the infant, kids', and ladies' version of this match. The men's is a little different, but as close as we could get to the pixelated goodness of the Creeper.

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