Take me out to the black

  • Metallic vinyl vehicle decal officially licensed from Firefly
  • An exact replica of the prop used on the set
  • 5 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall, and very shiny!
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Take me out to the black

We donít live in the future - at least not yet. We donít all speak Chinese, yet. Weíre not frequenting border-worlds, nor do we routinely wear guns on our hips, or cool leather dusters. Weíre not often found running away from cannibalistic chemically-insane people, nor are we likely to have our brains scrambled by scary men in black suits traveling two-by-two with hands of blue.

We donít travel from place to place in ramshackle starships barely held together with good intentions, baling wire and duct-tape, but we can at least pretend we do. See, in the future, the most reliable ships out there were engineered by Firefly Coach Works, on Osiris. Those choice few ships that still fly around the Ďverse proudly display the shiny metal label declaring it a ought-three K6F Firefly.

These stickers here were designed directly off of the original prop used on the Firefly that started it all - Serenity, but this is no awful piece of paper and glue. This is metalized vinyl, all-weather, and is suitable for displaying inside, or even outside on your vehicles primary buffer-panel (aka bumper) where it can enjoy all the rigors of whatever the weather has to offer.

So, maybe your vehicle was made in Detroit and not Osiris. Maybe it has an internal combustion engine instead of a trace compression block. Maybe your car is rock-bound and canít fly without a ramp and a lot of speed. Donít matter. You can still get a Firefly sticker on her. We wonít tell.

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