Heart of Sparkliness

  • Pewter pendant hangs from 18" double chain.
  • Both chains plated with sterling silver.
  • Heart guaranteed not to break or need nitroglycerin.
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Heart of Sparkliness

Right, so you can't literally give your heart away. Well, you can, but that tends to work out best for both involved if you're dead and there's a medevac helicopter standing by. Love tends to work out best, on the other hand, if you're both still amongst the living. So allow us to recommend this slightly-more-literal-than-a-cutesy-heart-but-not-as-literal-as-organ-donation option. Give your significant other your "heart" on a chain for safekeeping.

This pewter heart hangs from an 18" braided sterling-silver plated chain. This is paired with a second sterling-silver plated decorative chain featuring garnet beads. Heart measures approximately 1 inch high and .75 inch across. Toggle closure.

*This product is made in the US.

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