Labcutter Science Cookie Cutters

Scientific Cookies are Scientific!

  • Set of four metal cookie cutters
  • Designed to appeal to science geeks everywhere
  • Atom, Flask, Beaker and Test-Tube shapes!


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Scientific Cookies are Scientific!

Cooking is a very analogue experience. A handfull of this, a pinch of that, blend until it's just so... there's no precision anywhere! That is, until you start baking! Baking is all about chemistry. Balance is key - balancing acids and bases, balancing structure and tenderness, balancing sweet and salty. In all things baking, you need a chemist's approach.

This is particularly true of cookies. You can use the protein in eggs for structure, and the fat in the yolks for a nice fatty mouthfeel. Sugar can also be used for structure and sweetness, but if you use powdered sugar, expect flatter thin chewy cookies. If you go with brown sugar, you may need to balance the added acidity with baking soda. And salt. Never ever forget the salt. Even in a sweet sugar cookie, forgetting salt leads to a bland cookie.

What you may not know is that shape lends more to the enjoyment of a good cookie than you think. Presentation helps you feel more satisfied when it's appealing. If you're a scientist, these shapes will draw you in immediately! Erlenmeyer flasks, test-tubes, beakers and the stylized electron-cloud atomic structure cookie cutters in this set make your cookies reflect the science with which they were made. No truly scientific baker would ever go without a set of these cookie cutters!

Features and stuff

  • Set of four metal cookie cutters:
    • Test Tube
    • Beaker
    • Erlenmeyer Flask
    • Atomic Structure
  • Up to 6 inches tall (test-tube) and up to 3 inches wide (beaker)
  • 1 inch deep for extra thick cookies!

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