Sway Magnetically Suspended Cat Toy

Who's laughing meow?

  • Magnetically suspends a toy from a flat surface
  • Freak your cat out with magnetic magic!
  • Magnets, how do they frakkin' work?


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Who's laughing meow?

Sway Magnetically Suspended Cat Toy

Okay, cats. You're pretty sure you've seen through all of the stupid human tricks. You don't fall for festively colored fake mice, you yawn at the sight of the jingle ball, and attacking the feet under the covers is sooooo last month. You're about ready to write humans off and just amuse yourselves. There are plenty of loose objects to knock off the desk, d20s to roll down the stairs, d4s to set in place where bare feet will step on them. Oh, it's ever so hilarious when the humans howl in pain.

Sway Magnetically Suspended Cat Toy

But... what's this? There's a ball on a string hanging under that desk! That's new. And it's... it's MOVING! It's moving and NOBODY IS HOLDING IT. It's not like that dumb "Kitty Fishing Pole" toy. Who fishes for cats, anyway? Ridiculous. The human is sitting at the desk, browsing for stupid human toys, and right underneath the desk is a crazy cat toy moving all by itself. Crouch, study, butt-wiggle, butt-wiggle, butt-wiggle, POUNCE! SWIPE! Drat. RETREAT! What *is* it? It must be alive since it moves without the human touching it! Butt-wiggle, butt-wiggle, POUNCE! Drat! Foiled again. It moved out of the way at the last minute! How is it doing that? Oh gosh, oh gosh. This is so exciting!

Product Specifications

  • Cat toy is suspended from a solid surface using magnets
  • Top and bottom parts attach to opposite sides of a variety of surfaces
  • Works on tables, desks, bookshelves, more!
  • Move the handle on one side to slide the toy underneath like magic
  • Perfect for the cat who has seen through your fishing pole games
  • Fun, interactive play for humans and felines