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Timmy's Tea Sampler

In our quest to eliminate tea bags...

  • ThinkGeek exclusive blends from Adagio Teas
  • Four delicious flavors of looseleaf tea
  • Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Blood Orange, Chai


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In our quest to eliminate tea bags...

How do we hate tea bags, let us count the ways! Sadly, 95% of tea sales in the U.S are in tea bag form and they usually contain the crappiest tea possible. Since looseleaf tea can't expand in a bag, tea merchants decided to fill the bags with smaller leaves. Called "fannings" or "dust," this grade of tea is essentially the byproduct of real tea production. If you drink tea made from tea bags, you're getting water dressed in brown. Gross. No wonder people feel the need to dump tons of sugar in it! (Let's face it, people: "sweet tea" may be delicious, but it's really brown sugar water.) If you think you hate tea, blame it on the tea industry and boldly go give looseleaf tea a try.

We've teamed up with the tea gods at Adagio Teas to make four scrumtrulescent ThinkGeek exclusive blends. Each tin in the sampler contains enough looseleaf tea to make about 10 cups. From the replicator on the Enterprise comes Tea Earl Grey Hot, choice of fine Starfleet captains everywhere. Want something sweet and intoxicating like the feeling of having multiple lives? Pour yourself a cup of Timmy's 1UP Jasmine Green. Zombies short on brains will love the tangy Zombie Blood Orange and we'll guarantee that the spicy Pirate Chai will fight off scurvy almost as well as Root Jack.

Remember, there was a time when when you "brewed" coffee by pouring hot water over tiny dehydrated coffee crystals. (It was not the best part of waking up or good to the last drop.) But we learned the error of our ways and now have delicious coffee on every street corner and in every home. Let's start the tea revolution - Timmy's leading the way!


  • Four delicious teas chosen by ThinkGeek's Timmy the Monkey himself
  • Each container includes enough looseleaf tea to make about 10 cups
  • Flavors:
    • Tea Earl Grey Hot (black tea, orange peels, natural bergamot flavor, blue cornflowers - Caffeine content - high, choice of the best Starfleet captain)
    • Timmy's 1UP Jasmine Green jasmine green tea, black tea - Caffeine content - medium-high. sweet and intoxicating like the feeling of having multiple lives)
    • Zombie Blood Orange (green tea, orange peels, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, marigold petals, natural orange flavor, natural mandarin flavor. caffeine-free herbal tea blend of blood orange and sour apple)
    • Pirate Chai (black tea, cardamom , ginger root, cloves, natural cinnamon flavor, cinnamon bark, gunpowder green tea - Caffeine content - high. guaranteed to fight off scurvy)
  • NOTE: These are looseleaf teas, so you'll need to brew them the old-fashioned way
  • NOTE re: NOTE: The old-fashioned way tastes so much better you'll hate tea bags for life
  • Need a looseleaf tea brewer? Check out the IngenuiTEA brewpot.

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