Terminator Endoskeleton 18" Figure

Welcome to Judgement Day.

  • Fully posable robotic endoskeleton
  • Light-up eyes and rifle
  • Provide your own human skin


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Welcome to Judgement Day.

We're pleased to announce the Endoskeleton Model T-800, featuring SKYNET's most advanced control system to date. It is fully armored in a hyper alloy sheath around vital areas. Frictionless bearings in its joints allow the unit to maneuver through its range of motions faster than previous models. In the event of critical damage, a secondary power source allows the unit a margin of time to complete its mission. When set to autonomous mode, it can "learn" like a human being, actually becoming a more efficient killer as time goes on. To top it all off, the T-800 is 20% lighter and 40% more powerful than the T-600 model, making it the best choice for your most critical missions.

Fans of the Terminator movies will love the attention to detail in this figure. Since a Terminator isn't just any old solid robot, there are tons of wires and cables and pistons involved. We're happy to report that NECA thought of every detail and articulated the crap out of this figure. Seriously, there's a website out there of two T-800s doing... well, things you'd have to be fully-articulated to be able to do. The bulk of the Endoskeleton is made from a rubbery, flexible silver plastic with a wash of black. The depth of detail is absolutely amazing. The T-800's eyes light up and it comes with a rifle and a spare right hand that can be swapped out.

Product Specifications

  • 18" model of the Terminator T-800 model
  • Made of rubbery, flexible silver plastic with a wash of black
  • Attention to detail is astounding - fans of the movies will love this figure!
  • Articulated in nearly every joint - posing possibilities are endless
  • Eyes light up with the power of pure evil
  • Also includes rifle and a second right hand that can be swapped out