Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

OMG It's full of stars

  • Enjoy the starry nights from the comfort of home
  • Two hi-res image discs (starfield or earth/moon/sun)
  • Motorized image rotation and automatic timer


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OMG It's full of stars

On a clear night, one has only to look up to realize how much wonder is still waiting for us in the universe. Out there, amongst the stars, are secrets and surprises beyond our wildest dreams. Well why not, while you're working on your own way of getting up there to the stars, bring the stars down to you? With the Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium it's as easy as a button press.

Lookit! Stars!!

The Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium is the coolest little optical star planetarium for the home you'll ever find. It will make you feel like you are sailing through the cosmos. Just turn it on in a dark room (aimed at your wall or ceiling) and begin gawping. You can set the stars to move (1 revolution per 10 minute period), so you actually feel like you're outside. You can set a nap timer (so the unit will shut off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes once you are asleep). Behold, the stars.

Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

  • Ages: 10 and up
  • Enjoy an amazing starry night view in the comfort of your own home with this pro series planetarium.
  • Features:
    • Two interchangeable hi-res image discs (Starfield and Earth/Moon/Sun discs)
    • Optical-quality lens system with adjustable focus
    • Ultra-bright white LED light source
    • Automatic timer
    • Motorized image rotation
    • Adjustable projection angle
    • Battery or AC power options.
    • Auto shutoff
  • Includes: Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium, Base, 2 image discs, AC adapter, Planetarium music CD, and instruction manual
  • Additional image discs available through manufacturer (order form enclosed in box)
  • Batteries: 3 AA (not included, but not needed if you are using AC power)
  • Dimensions: Star Theater Pro sphere is 6" in diameter; approx 7" tall (including stand)