Deluxe Jedi & Sith Robes

Feel the Force; Be the Jedi

  • Look like a real Jedi in this classy brown robe
  • Polyester with kimono-style sleeves and roomy hood
  • One size fits all for adults


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Feel the Force; Be the Jedi

Generally the monkeys at ThinkGeek are here to make your life more fun. This time, we're here to make your life simpler. You already have the lightsaber. Here's the second of the two elements that will make your Star Wars costume a hit: your own Jedi robe. Officially licensed, no less. Buy the robe, and you can spend the time you would have spent making it scrounging up the other bits of your costume like the obi or the tabards. And the boots. Don't forget the boots. Ain't nothing worse than seeing a spectacular Jedi costume finished off with a pair of sneakers.

This dark brown, textured robe is 100% polyester and sized to fit "most adults." It's marked jacket size 44, but see the below for the actual measurements. The kimono-style sleeves and a roomy hood combine with the lightweight fabric for maximum draping effect. The weight of the fabric is great for movement and layering (you won't get too hot no matter how many tunics you wear under it); it's not ideal for posing in front of a searchlight. So try to avoid car dealerships and crackhouses while wearing this robe. Actually, that's good advice most anytime.


  • Chest = 58 in.
  • Waist = 56 in. (i.e. no overlap at 56 in.)
  • Hood seam in front to floor = 57 in.
  • Hood seam in back to floor = 58.5 in.
  • Shoulder seam to top of wrist = 26 in.
  • Neck seam to top of wrist (sleeve) = 32 in.
  • Midichlorian count = off the charts

*This product is made in the US.