It's Scientific. It's Art. It's Awesome.

  • No science geek's life is complete without one
  • Colorful version with lots of details, history, and factoids
  • 36" x 27" and laminated for extra durability
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It's Scientific. It's Art. It's Awesome.

No self-respecting geek would be without one. No, I don't mean a pocket-protector, although those have their own level of cool. I'm talking about a Periodic Table of the Elements. Laid out in a very specific formation where neighboring elements have similar properties, this poster can, at a glance, give you a huge wealth of information about the atomic makeup of the world around us.

Of course, it also just looks damn cool. Look at it - all 16 groups and 7 periods arranged logically is colorful, orderly, and beautifully.

Just check out how much information there is on this bad boy. The percentage of certain elements occurring naturally in the human body. The atomic weight of Cesium (132.905), the fact that Lithium has 1 electron in the 2s subshell, or that Bohrium is a radioactive manmade element... Hell, it even shows two elements that haven't even been observed yet. That's forward thinking for you!


  • 36" by 27"
  • Full color and laminated for extra durability

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