Ninjas are deadly, silent, and adorable.

  • Stealthy and adorable assassin plush
  • Wee ninja is 9" tall and 8" wide
  • Pocket ninja is 5" tall by 5" wide
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The Pocket Ninja now come in two versions, including or not including the loop on top of the head, we can not guarantee which style will be received, sorry!

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Ninjas are deadly, silent, and adorable.

Ninjas, traditionally, are stealth assassins - trained in a variety of fighting styles. There are times, however, when combat isn't required; when struggle needs not the exquisite edge of the blade, subtler means become necessary. Snuggles.

When Ninjas Attack!

Wee Ninjas spend most days training, and most nights ninjaing. When they're not ninjaing, they're perfecting the art of the Stealth Hug. They're also quite adept at the Sneak Snuggle, and the Fists of Tickle Fury. Cloaked in the night, these Wee Ninjas are perfect for cuddling their quarry into submission.

The Wee Ninja is 9 inches tall and 8 inches wide, while his younger cousin, pocket ninja, is 5 by 5. Both ninja are as plush and cuddly as they are deadly.

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