A Legend in the Making...

  • Get your own clone of the ThinkGeek spokesmonkey
  • Timmy is wearing a stylish ThinkGeek t-shirt
  • Warning: You must have bananas at home at all times
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A Legend in the Making...

We don't want to go into a long story about the history of ThinkGeek's very own Timmy the Monkey; it involves far too many sub-plots, server closets, and time-space ripples. Suffice it to say that Timmy the Monkey, on this planet at least, would be catalogued as a codeslinger, a kung-foo monkey coder with more than just bad-ass programming powers and a cute face. We would be humble to say he only invented water.

Timmy the monkey is about 6 inches tall (when not seated or passed out after his latest hackathon) and is wearing a black t-shirt with his favorite website on it. Oh, you both have the same favorite website? You're going to have so much to talk about together.

Note: Timmy is not a dog toy! We don't know the chemical composition of the magical beads which fill Timmy with happiness, but it's not dog food.

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