Antec 4-Port USB Charging Station

Charge All The Things

  • Simultaneously charges up to four devices at once
  • Dual 2A + dual 1A USB ports
  • Total output of 5A

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Charge All The Things

Our packing for trips goes something like this: grab eReader, grab tablet, grab phone, (plus the optional) grab GPS, grab camera. Grab eReader charger, grab tablet charger, grab phone charger... you get the idea. We end up with a spaghetti mess of cables in our suitcases, and we have something charging in every visible outlet in the hotel room, except the ones in the bathroom. Cause that's just asking for trouble.

The Antec 4-Port USB Charging Station will put an end to all those chargers, all those cables, and all those outlets. Okay, so you'll still need one cable for each device you plan to charge, but you'll only need one wall outlet to get all of them power. The Antec has 4 USB ports, 2 at 2A for your tablets and iPads, 2 at 1A for your phones and other small devices. With a maximum of 5A output, you may need to do some math to figure out the best charging combination for you, but the Antec gives you options. It's perfect for travel, but also good for home so you don't have to remember which room what's charging in.

Product Specifications

  • Antec 4-Port USB Charging Station
  • Simultaneously charges up to four devices at once
  • Dual 2A USB ports provide fastest possible charging for tablets & iPads
  • Dual 1A USB ports for charging phones
  • AC input: 100Vac – 240Vac
  • DC output: 5V
  • USB output: 2 x 2A, 2 x 1A (max simultaneous output of 5A)
  • Total output wattage: 25W / 5A
  • Over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over current / temperature / power protection in place
  • Dimensions: 3.6" high x 2.5" wide x 1.1" deep, comes with a 3 ft. power cord
  • Weight: 4.1 oz.