Retro Video Game Collectible Enamel Pin Set Series 3

Geek Points Exclusive

Play it again, Sam

  • 2014 Geek Points exclusive - ONLY for sale to Geek Points members
  • Enamel stickback pins that look like classic game controllers
  • A new pair of game controllers each month!


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Play it again, Sam

When we were wee geeklings, we had to feign legitimate illness and hope our parents didn't take the controllers to work with them if we wanted to spend weekdays playing the latest video games. In normal workplaces, Monday is the day folks call in sick. But here, it's Tuesdays. It is not uncommon for certain ThinkGeek monkeys to call in sick on a big release day. Depending on platform, you can tell which subgroup of employees will be taking PTO (Played Time Off). Somehow that's okay because we're grown-ups now. That and the boss does it, too. Like a boss, baybee. Like a boss.

Every month for the rest of 2014, ThinkGeek is releasing a pair of pins inspired by our favorite classic game controllers. Decorated with enamel, these metal pins are stickback style and come with a rubber stopper. Throw them on your jacket or bag. Use them as a tack in your corkboard. Each run is limited to 1000, and they're ONLY for sale to Geek Points members, so if you see a controller you need, get it while you can.

Product Specifications

  • Limited-edition ThinkGeek Game Controllers Collectible Pin Set
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • 2014 Geek Points exclusive - ONLY for sale to Geek Points members
  • Edition Size: 2000
  • A new pair of game controllers each month!
  • Series 1 (May - Vintage 1977 & 1996) available here no longer available
  • Series 2 (June - Vintage 1975 & 1987) available here
  • Series 3 (July)
    • Vintage 1999 (well, 1998 in Japan)
    • Vintage 1982
  • Series 4 (August - Vintage 1989 & 1985) available here
  • Series 5 (September - Vintage 1979 and 1995) available here
  • Series 6 (October - Vintage 1991 and 1986) available here
  • Series 7 (November - Vintage 1990 and 1992) available here
  • Series 8 (December - Vintage 1985 and 1992) available here
  • Materials: Enamel-decorated pin with a metal base
  • Stickback pin style with rubber stopper
  • Measurements: ~1.5" tall x 1.4" wide, 1.5" tall x .7" wide