Bison Airlighter

Kill it with fire

  • Combination butane torch and fire-propagating fan
  • Also has an LED flashlight built-in so you're always ready to illuminate or incinerate
  • Flame on!


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Kill it with fire

For those of us who prefer the taste only charcoal grills can give, switching entirely to gas might have saved time but it was never a viable option. One of the most valuable skills our dads taught us was exactly how to stack the charcoal for maximum briquette fire permeation. That and how to roll over our 401Ks.

True charcoal grilling is an art, but it can be a time-consuming one, what with stoking the coals and making sure they get enough airflow to continue to burn. The Bison Airlighter can make the charcoal process less cumbersome (and also less stinky, because with the Airlighter you won't need extra lighter fluid). First it ignites your coals in 10 seconds or less with a 4-inch 2600° F flame. Then the fire-propagating fan comes on to bring your coals to high heat in a minute or less. Now you're cooking with Airlighter.

Or camping. Or starting a fire in the fireplace. The flame runs on butane. (Note that because of shipping restrictions the Bison Airlighter does not come with butane.) The fan runs on USB power. You'll get about 30 uses out of it before you run out of one or the other, the equivalent of one cookout every week from the beginning of March to the beginning of October. But if we know our customers, we suspect you'll need butane first because there's a continuous-mode button, and you'll probably find yourself using shouting "Flame on!" more than strictly necessary. But that's just a guess.

Product Specifications

  • Bison Airlighter combination butane torch and fire-propagating fan
  • Because of shipping restrictions, Airlighter Fuel needs to be purchased separately
  • Uses any high-quality, non-clogging butane fuel or you can purchase Bison's Airlighter Fuel
  • Adjustable-grip handle has straight, 45°, and 90° angle positions
  • Continuous-mode button lets you keep the fires burning
  • Also has an LED flashlight built-in so you're always ready to illuminate or incinerate
  • Child safety locks prevent accidental ignition
  • Barrel remains cool to the touch during use
  • Hanging hook also functions as a bottle opener
  • Capacity: Fuel tank holds 2 oz. (there's a fuel-level indicator light to indicate when it needs refilling)
  • 2 oz. = 15 minutes of burn time
  • Average ignition = 20 seconds of flame = 45 uses
  • "Extremely fast cook time" ignition = 1 1/2 minutes of flame = 10 uses
  • Batteries: Rechargeable via USB (takes 4-6 hours, charge indicator light)
  • Full charge = 30 minutes of fan time
  • "Fully-lit" fan time = 1 minute = 30 uses
  • "Ready to cook" fan time = 5 minutes = 6 uses
  • Dimensions: 21" long x 3 1/2" tall x 3" wide
  • Weight: Just over a pound

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