Me Grimlock. Me Fossil.

Grimlock. Dinobot. Hero. Robot. Dinosaur. Fossil. All of these words help paint a picture of one of the most simply complex Autobots ever. Also, he was voiced by the same actor as Odie from Garfield. Somehow, this proves evolution.

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Me Grimlock. Me Fossil.

Me am Grimlock. Me was great. Me was powerful. But now me am dead. Me bones remain. As does me poor grammar. Me am sorry. Me bones make good shirt. No other Dinobots has shirt. Me do. Me better. Me Grimlock leader! Me also enjoy walks on beach, a good cream tea, kitty cats, and quiet nights at home. Me am complicated.

Grimlock skeleton on a cream 100% cotton shirt. Machine Wash Cold. Tumble Dry.

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