BoomCo Farshot Pistol

Long-range showoff!

  • Shoot Smart Stick darts up to 70 feet
  • Revolutionary new dart design (with 3 years of R&D behind it)
  • Smart Stick darts only stick to Smart Stick Targets & Shields


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Long-range showoff!

Some people chose to win the office war by firing as many darts as they possibly can. Others choose their vantage point and wait. And watch. And watch and wait. These are the folks the BoomCo Farshot Blaster is made for. It's a single shot blaster, but one that trades rapid fire for distance - shooting its Smart Stick darts up to 70 feet. What's a Smart Stick dart, you ask? Read on and then fall in love.

Smart Stick darts are tipped with something that only sticks to Smart Stick Targets and Shields (i.e., pop-up and removable targets integrated into the BoomCo Farshot Blaster's design). On top of that, they aren't foam - they are plastic tubes which help them keep their shape better (for better accuracy) and prevents them from jamming in the blaster. The BoomCo Farshot Blaster keep one Smart Stick dart in the barrel and two others in the handle for storage and quick reloading. Smart Stick darts are the way of the future of office warfare, and with a BoomCo Farshot Blaster (or two) at your side, it's a war you will win!

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 6 and Up
  • A new type of blaster, that uses a revolutionary Smart Stick adhesive technology (3 years in the making!)
  • The Smart Stick darts stick to targets and the integrated shield of the blaster - and NOTHING else
  • Smart Stick darts work with all BOOMco. blasters and feature anti-jamming properties along with a strong durable construction that keeps darts straight
  • Single-fire blaster using Smart Stick darts
  • All Smart Stick darts work in this blaster
  • Shoot up to 70 feet
  • One dart in the gun; two get stored in the handle
  • Sized for smaller hands
  • Includes: BoomCo Farshot Blaster, 3 Smart Stick darts, 1 Smart Stick 6" Target, and Removable/Transforming Shield