Aliens Minimates

In mini space, no one can hear mini screams.

  • Minimates of three humans and three Xenomorphs from Aliens
  • Each figure features 14 points of articulation
  • Finally, a Paul Reiser toy!


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In mini space, no one can hear mini screams.

In Mad About You, Paul Reiser starred as Paul Buchman, a filmmaker who lived with his wife. It chronicled all their trials and tribulations. But then, Paul got a job with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and all heck broke loose. His whole demeanor changed; he became a corporate slimeball. And he is now immortalized in action figure form with these Aliens Minimates!

There are six different Aliens Minimates to choose from: three humans and three Xenomorphs. On the human team, there's Carter Burke, Pvt. Wierzbowski, and Crew Chief Pvt. Spunkmeyer. Batting for the Xenomorph team are Xenomorph 1 (Alien Warrior), Xenomorph 2 (Attacking Alien Warrior), and Xenomorph 3 (Battle Damaged Alien Warrior). Each one comes with a stand and the two humans who aren't Paul Reiser also come with some weapons and extra bits. Just be careful. We're not saying the mini Aliens Minimates Xenomorphs will kill your other action figures... but we're not saying they won't, either!

Product Specifications  

  • Minimates of three humans and three Xenomorphs from Aliens (each sold separately)
  • Each figure has 14 points of articulation
  • Aliens Minimates Roll Call:
    • Carter Burke - with stand
    • Pvt. Wierzbowski - with stand, M41A Pulse Rifle, and Hairpiece (comes wearing his helmet)
    • Crew Chief Pvt. Spunkmeyer - with stand, Dropship helmet, and handgun
    • Xenomorph 1 (Alien Warrior) - with stand
    • Xenomorph 2 (Attacking Alien Warrior) - with stand
    • Xenomorph 3 (Battle Damaged Alien Warrior) - with stand
  • Dimensions: 2" tall (Xenomorphs are a little taller)

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