Jellyfish Bouncy Chair

Sit on something bouncy.

  • Sit on a balance ball and improve your posture.
  • Unlike a regular balance ball, this one canít roll away.
  • Plus, itís got all the bouncies. For fun.


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Sit on something bouncy.

Sitting all day in an office chair can be murder on your body. Your back will go wiggly, your posture will get all mushy, and your butt will feel like it's been punched by a professional posterior pugilist! There's a monkey here at TG HQ who sits on an inflatable balance ball, which helps with all of these issues - except when we tried it, it just rolled away! Lucky for us, then, that the Jellyfish Bouncy Desk Chair was created.

The Jellyfish Bouncy Desk Chair is essentially a small inflatable balance ball trapped in a steel frame and then covered in stretchy polyester/Spandex fabric. Sitting on the Jellyfish Bouncy Desk Chair will instantly cause you to want to sit up straighter because it's easier to bounce on it like that. And bouncing is fun. But what does a Jellyfish Bouncy Desk Chair really feel like to sit on? Easy: it feels like sitting on an upside down butt . . . and it's fantastic!

Product Specifications

  • Improve your posture and have fun by sitting on a new type of chair.
  • Inside the fabric is an inflatable ball, which give you the comfiest seat ever.
  • Perfect for anyone who needs a little more bounce in their office.
  • Box also serves as a carrying case.
  • Designed by Rutger Andersson.
  • Weight Limit: 800lbs
  • Materials: Frame is Steel, Ball is PVC, and Fabric Cover is 88% polyester and 12% Spandex (hand wash only).
  • Includes: Metal Frame, Inflatable Ball, Fabric Cover, Air Pump, and Instructions.
  • Dimensions: 18.5" x 18.5" x 20.6"