Chains to Champions BrickWarriors Game

Gladiators meet minifigs!

  • An arena which pits warrior against warrior - all in minifigure scale.
  • Buy your gladiator, train and equip them, and then - FIGHT!
  • It's a battle to the death. Cute, little, plastic death.


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Gladiators meet minifigs!

Chains to Champions BrickWarriors Game

In the olden times before the "Everything is Awesome" brick movie, minifigures were bought and sold and thrown into arenas to fight to the death for the joys of evil master builders. Well, it's time to relive those bricks battles of yore with the Chains to Champions BrickWarriors Game.

BrickWarriors is a company known for making armor and weapon packs for minifigures (things the big L never would make themselves). Well, they've thrown a bunch of weapons and armor and helmets, added some dice and cards and training dummies, and come up with a wicked fun board game. In Chains to Champions, you buy your warrior, train/outfit them up, and then enter the arena and fight to the death with your opponents. Best of all, all the weapons and armor and stuff fit all the minifigs you already own, so really the Chains to Champions BrickWarriors Game is like a massive minifig weapons/armor pack with a game thrown in!

P.S. You're going to ask if you can use your minifigures in this game. While the game is self-contained with cards and stuff, you could easily make your own and hack the game. They you could battle LEGO Batman vs. Minotaur Wonder Woman and things like that. Use your imagination and brains; make us proud!

Chains to Champions BrickWarriors Game

  • For Ages 14 and up.
  • It's like a battle arena for Minifigures!
  • Train up your gladiator, arm them, and then fight!
  • To the death!
  • All weapons, armor, helmets, etc., fit on standard minifigs, too!
  • Players: 2-6
  • Average Play Time: 40 mins.
  • Includes: 1 Rulebook, 1 Game Board (The Arena), 22 BrickWarriors Accessories (weapons, armor, etc), 6 Training Dummies (playing pieces), 36 Value 1 Coins, 18 Value 3 Coins, 1 Score Pad, 96 Cards, and 6 Dice.