The Travel HoodiePillow

Nap comfortably while flying

  • Made of super-soft sweatshirt material
  • Drawstring snuggles your head
  • Inflatable neck-pillow folds flat for compact storage


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Nap comfortably while flying

You know the drill: you went through the security lines, you stored your carryon in the overhead bin, and now you just want to sleep as the metal conveyance transports your body many miles away through the air. But sleeping on a plane can be very uncomfortable. Not any more, now that you're equipped with The Travel HoodiePillow!

The Travel HoodiePillow is a super soft neck pillow (inflatable insert inside a premium sweatshirt material cover) with a magic power. A hood! So, not only will The Travel HoodiePillow support your neck while you snooze, but it'll also keep your ears and head warm (and shield your eyes from the light around you, if you pull it down a bit). You will instantly be turned into, what we like to call, a Sleep Ninja. And The Travel HoodiePillow isn't just useful on planes. It's awesome for napping in the office, while stuck in traffic (assuming you're not the one driving), public-transportating on subways, and waiting for the next jump ship to be in position. The Travel HoodiePillow - supporting your neck and nap habit since . . . well, since the moment you get one!

Product Specifications

  • Great for travel, road trips, neck support, and even as a home travel pillow.
  • Includes two drawstrings to adjust to head size and level of comfort.
  • Use while traveling, reading, watching TV, browsing the Internet, studying, listening to music, napping, sleeping, and pretending you're a plush astronaut.
  • Includes inflatable neck pillow insert that deflates and folds for easy storage.
  • PATENT-PENDING and crafted from premium sweatshirt material (80/20 blend).
  • Hand wash, line-dry.
  • Available Colors: Black, Heather, and Red.