The Original Chicken Bag

A bird in the hand

  • Uh.... chicken bag
  • Perfect for your favorite chick or mother hen
  • Goes with everything!


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A bird in the hand

Women are always going on about their purses. Blah blah Coach blah blah Louis Vuitton blah blah Michael Kors blah blah Kate Spade blah blah. And we guess we'd probably go on about our handbag if it was that expensive, too. Generally we prefer to go on about our book acquisitions or our upgrades to our gaming rig or our Renaissance faire costumes.

But you won't be able to keep quiet if you get this Chicken Bag. Where we might normally not hear a peep out of you on such matters, you'll be all aflutter about this bag. It's an eggcellent conversation starter. And though it might raise a few eyebrows and ruffle a few feathers, it'll quickly identify fowl people without a sense of humor you should stay away from. Don't brood too much over them. Or maybe fly against protocol and start the conversation yourself, because sometimes you're just going to have to wing it. (Ed. note: Sorry for our poultry attempt at humor there.)

Product Specifications

  • Uh.... chicken bag
  • Perfect for your favorite chick or mother hen
  • Goes with everything!
  • Has a 5 1/2" wide x 4" tall interior pocket for hand sanitizer, lip gloss, ... eggs?
  • Top zipper is just over 6" long
  • Water-resistant
  • Materials: Easy-to-clean silicone rubber + a nylon base and lining
  • Red nylon handles provide 5" drop (if you squash the top down a bit - if not, 3")
  • Dimensions: 13" beak to butt x 8 1/2" wing to wing x 8" tall, base is 10 1/2" x 7 1/2"

"will my laptop fit in this bag, thinkgeek?" let's find out together!

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no. just... no.