"What does Fox McCloud say?" "Do a barrel roll!"

The Arc Squadron series from Psyonix can't be the next Star Fox until they add some woodland space creatures to the mix.

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"What does Fox McCloud say?" "Do a barrel roll!"

Yeah, okay, so technically it's Peppy Hare that says the barrel roll line, but it's such an iconic line, we had to put it in there for the joke. And "Open the wings!" wasn't really doing much for us....

We've sent dogs and cats into space (along with lots of primates), but no foxes. Frogs, jellyfish, rats, guinea pigs, tortoises. There was that bat a few years ago who went up unplanned. We've even sent tardigrades up (waterbears). We question that one. Considering these extremophiles have already been on this planet way longer than us, we don't need to be giving them any ideas.

A fox in a red scarf and a headset on the front of this royal blue, 100% cotton shirt. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. Imported.

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