Chocolate covered peas that bite you back!

  • Two bags of delicious chocolate-covered wasabi peas.
  • Chocolate-y and crunchie with a touch of wasabi kick!
  • Not painful powerful, but just enough to remind you what wasabi is!
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Chocolate covered peas that bite you back!

Wasabi peas are fun and crunchy. And then your eyes wince, as wasabi heat rushes behind them and through your sinuses. There's nothing like it. Well, what if we told you there's one more taste you could add to the mix that would make wasabi peas even better? And that something is chocolate! Yup, because wasabi peas and chocolate made friends, we can offer you the Chocolate-Covered Wasabi Peas Two-Pack.

Each Chocolate-Covered Wasabi Peas Two-Pack is made of two bags of chocolate-covered wasabi peas (hey, we had to make that clear). And what does a chocolate-covered wasabi pea taste like? Well, it's like the chocolate and wasabi make love in your mouth, and their love child is deliciousness! Get a few Chocolate-Covered Wasabi Peas Two-Packs and be ready to quell the munchies wherever they rear their ugly heads (gaming night, movie night, working night, lunch, second lunch, a snack after lunch, right now, man these are good, dinner, we can't stop eating them, dessert, and more).

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Chocolate-Covered Wasabi Peas Two-Pack

  • Milk chocolate covered wasabi peas!
  • It's a snack with a little kick.
  • Two bags per two pack (duh).
  • Net Wt.: 6oz (about 120-130 pieces)

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