Coffee worth waking up for

  • Brings automated goodness to the pour-over technique
  • Makes 40 oz. of coffee that goes to 11
  • Vacuum-sealed, double-walled carafe keeps it warm for over 3 hours
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Coffee worth waking up for

Done properly, a pour-over should produce a cup that is rich but also slightly tangy, and complex enough to make the ostentatious tasting notes on the bag seem plausible, if not quite persuasive.
- Kelefa Sanneh, "Sacred Grounds: Aida Batlle and the new coffee evangelists," The New Yorker, Nov. 21, 2011.

We keep meaning to Metro in to D.C. to attend one of Counter Culture's brewing classes so we can learn how to do a proper pour over. See the trick with pour over is that it's simple but very particular. And time-consuming. It's slow coffee. Geeks, on the whole, are not a patient bunch.

Why bother learning the pour-over technique? Devotees claim it brings out the flavor, giving a brighter, fuller taste of the beans themselves compared with other brewing methods. It's like you get more flavor out of the same coffee. All your coffee now goes to 11.

And now one of our merchants here at ThinkGeek HQ tells us that we've stalled long enough that we don't have to learn! We can let our coffee maker handle the precise timing of the slow pour with automation while we do something simpler and more suited to pre-caffeination, such as checking the day's weather.

The Bodum b.Over Coffee Brewer also has the advantage that, unlike your pour-over barista, it can make more than one cup at a time. The brewed coffee drips into a 40 oz., vacuum-sealed, double-walled stainless steel interior carafe that keeps coffee hot and aromatic for hours without burning.

Our favorite part? We can watch the magic happen if we so desire. The plexiglass back on the machine lets you see your future coffee as it's bubbling through the tempered glass tubing system. Ah, science.

Product Specifications

  • Bodum b.Over Coffee Brewer brings automated goodness to the pour-over technique
  • "Showerhead" design evenly distributes water over grounds
  • Brews in under 6 minutes
  • Removable 40 oz. water tank fills directly under faucet
  • Comes with titanium-plated, fine-meshed stainless steel filter
  • 1450 watt heating element
  • Glass tubing
  • Comes with 40 oz., vacuum-sealed, double-walled, stainless-steel-interior carafe with lid-locking system to keep warm for over 3 hours
  • Capacity: 40 fl. oz.
  • Dimensions: 15 1/2" tall x 12" wide x 8" deep, 31" cord
  • Note: Ships in a marked box that indicates there's a Bodum inside

Bodum b.Over Coffee Maker Video:

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