Game of Thrones Ice Sword of Eddard Stark

Valyrian steel

  • Prop replica of Eddard Stark's sword Ice
  • Hand-forged, full-tang sword arrives unsharpened
  • Comes with a display plaque decorated with the Direwolf Sigil


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Valyrian steel

She could see the rippling deep within the steel, where the metal had been folded back on itself a hundred times in the forging. Catelyn had no love for swords, but she could not deny that Ice had its own beauty. It had been forged in Valyria, before the Doom had come to the old Freehold, when the ironsmiths had worked their metal with spells as well as hammers. Four hundred years old it was, and as sharp as the day it was forged.
- A Song of Ice and Fire

This prop replica of the blade wielded by Eddard Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones is impressive, as Ice should be. It's taller than your average 11 year old, so it'd taller than both Bran and Rickon. Yes, yes, modern times, people with better nutrition, blah blah blah. It's a fictional world, so we're going to ignore that bit because we said so. Buy the sword. It's quite lovely.

Product Specifications

  • Prop replica of Eddard Stark's sword Ice with display plaque
  • Officially-licensed HBO's Game of Thrones product
  • Hand-forged, full-tang sword arrives unsharpened
  • Comes with certificate of authenticity and a round, wooden display plaque silkscreened with the Direwolf Sigil
  • Laser inscription reads "Ice, Sword of Eddard Stark"
  • Materials: 1060 High Carbon Steel blade, hardwood hilt with antique brass parts
  • Dimensions: 57 1/2" overall, 42" blade
  • Weight: 11 lbs.

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