Sponsor a zombie today

Ask about workplace matching. Combined Federal Campaign Code: ZOMBI.

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Sponsor a zombie today

*cue Sarah McLachlan music and video panning around sad-eyed zombies*

Here at Feed the Zombies, our mission is to provide food and necessities to those turned away by society. Those without life's essentials. The needy undead. Many don't realize that thousands of zombies go without food daily. For only 25¢ a day you can sponsor a zombie. And if financial support isn't right for you, know that your organ donation brings life-saving nutrients to a zombie who without your brain would most certainly...

*needle scratch on record and music stops*

Oh wait. Already dead. Move along.

Feed the Zombies logo in pistachio zombie green, parchment yellow, and blood red on a black, 100% cotton shirt.

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