ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Keyboard of Champions

  • Mechanical keyboard with per-key illumination on each of its 113 keys
  • Select key switch that fits your need for feedback and force required
  • Two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors + 2 MB of flash memory

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Keyboard of Champions

If you're a hardcore gamer, you already know ROCCAT. Scroll down for the specs.

If ROCCAT is new to you, allow us. Guten tag. ROCCAT Studios out of Hamburg, Germany specializes in producing high-end gaming peripherals with incredible attention-to-detail. Our gaming buyer calls them "The BMW of gaming gear." They're huge in Europe and Asia, but just catching on in America. Their software integrates seamlessly with their hardware and extends the already-impressive functionality significantly. Yes, we're biased, but we wouldn't be selling it if we didn't love their stuff.

One of the things we came across repeatedly in reading users' reviews of ROCCAT products was the statement that they're not just gaming peripherals. Sure, they're intended as gaming peripherals, and they do a spectacular job at that, but they make everything easier and faster, not just taking out the enemy. Graphic designers, spreadsheet mavens, anybody who does a complicated series of tasks repeatedly? Will benefit from ROCCAT's product line.

Cherry MX Switch Types

Keystroke feedback: audio and tactile. Force required: 50 g.
The blue switch provides audio and tactile feedback. As well as feeling a slight bump when actuating the switch, youll also hear a click. The switch is actuated when the key is pressed halfway down. This means that when you get used to the switch, you can have fast, fatigue-free typing.

Keystroke feedback: none. Force required: 60 g.
The black switch is completely linear, which means it does not provide any keystroke feedback. The switches also require above-average force to be actuated, making them ideal for gamers who want to avoid hitting the wrong key by mistake.

Keystroke feedback: tactile. Force required: 45 g.
The brown switch provides tactile feedback. This means youll feel a slight bump when you actuate the switch, but you wont hear an audible key click as you would with the blue switch. This makes the brown switches a good middle ground between the blue and black switches.

Keystroke feedback: none. Force required: 45 g.
The red switch is linear, meaning it does not provide any keystroke feedback. Since the force required to operate to switch is below-average, the keys respond rapidly, precisely, and quietly great for people who want silent, effort-free typing.

Product Specifications

  • Mechanical keyboard with per-key illumination on each of its 113 keys
  • Choose your key switches:
    • Blue (Keystroke feedback: audio and tactile, Force required: 50 g)
    • Black (Keystroke feedback: none, Force required: 60 g)
    • Brown (Keystroke feedback: tactile, Force required: 45 g)
    • Red (Keystroke feedback: none, Force required: 45 g)
  • Two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors + 2 MB of flash memory
  • 1000Hz polling rate, 1 ms response time
  • Advanced anti-ghosting with N-key rollover
  • 8 Easy-to-Reach Macro Keys: 5 (M1-M5) Keys and 3 (T1-T3) Thumbster Keys
  • Assign a secondary function to virtually any key (94 in addition to the macro keys)
  • ROCCAT Talk-Set Bonus: Allow your ROCCAT products to combine their functions
  • Audio in/out, 2 USB 2.0 ports on keyboard
  • Integrated wrist rest and cable channel
  • Dimensions: 20" x 9.2", 6 ft. braided USB cable

ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Video: