Whale Flower Vase

I wonder if it will be friends with me?

  • Vase that looks like a surfacing whale
  • Choose black or white
  • Perfect for fans of Hitchhiker's Guide

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I wonder if it will be friends with me?

Zaphod leapt out of his seat.
"Then what's happened to the missiles?" he said.
A new and astounding image appeared in the mirrors.
"They would appear," said Ford doubtfully, "to have turned into a bowl of petunias and a very surprised looking whale.."
"At an Improbability Factor," cut in Eddie, who hadn't changed a bit, "of eight million seven hundred and sixty-seven thousand one hundred and twenty-eight to one against."
[ some silliness between Arthur and Zaphod ]
... Against all probability a sperm whale had suddenly been called into existence several miles above the surface of an alien planet.
And since this is not a naturally tenable position for a whale, this poor innocent creature had very little time to come to terms with its identity as a whale before it then had to come to terms with not being a whale any more.
- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

You know, it could have ended differently. If the whale was falling through Earth's atmosphere, and considering 71% of the Earth's surface is covered with ocean, it could have ended with a splash instead of a horrible sickening wet thud. As it is, we were dealing with infinite improbability, and the fabled planet Magrathea with an unknown quantity of surface-water. It is, therefore, no surprise that it didn't. In fact, it would have been surprising if it did.

Celebrate the alternate ending where the scene ends in a splash with this whale vase, ready and willing to hold your petunias. It won't hold a whole bowl, which is fine. You want the bowl still to feel useful, after all.

Product Specifications

  • Vase that looks like a surfacing whale
  • Choose black or white
  • Whale's blow hole can be used to hold a flower or two
  • Prevents panic
  • Use just the front part and it looks like a motorcycle gas tank or a bike racing helmet
  • Capacity: Holds 1 Tbsp. of water
  • Materials: Porcelain
  • Dimensions: Body 2.4" tall x 9.8" long x 4.5" wide, tail 2" tall x 3.3" long x 6.3" wide
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.