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Pick Your Brain

We'd kind of like to give Sheldon a personality test, but he'd probably uncover the test's biases and rewrite the dang thing before the time was up. And we'd be no closer to an answer.

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Pick Your Brain

Sheldon: Aren't you slicing that man's brain a little too thin?
Amy: It's too thin if I were making a foot-long brain sandwich at Quiznos. For examination under a two-photon microscope, it's fine.
Sheldon: Well, you're the expert. If the correct way to do it is the wrong way, then I yield.
Amy: Very well. If you die and donate your body to science, I promise to slice your brain like Canadian bacon.
Sheldon: Thank you.
- "The Alien Parasite Hypothesis"

It's appropriate that Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler is the only woman we've seen Sheldon with in a romantic relationship. She's a neurobiologist; she studies brains for a living. She also, apparently, studies brains in her free time, because we don't see how she could put up with Sheldon if she isn't thinking of him as another research experiment.

Red shirt with head silhouette and brain sectioned into things Sheldon likes. 100% cotton. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. Imported.

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