Airship Captain's Katana

Steampunk on the port side!

  • Steampunk katana and leather belt
  • Katana features a suede-and-gears hilt
  • Utility belt holds sword and other essentials

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Katana & Utility Belt
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Steampunk on the port side!

Pull on your goggles, check your pocket watch, and take off for adventure! Airship captains know that when it comes to navigating the wild skies and fending off space pirates, it's important to be well-armed with the latest in steampunk and samurai-inspired weaponry. That's why we're providing you, the finest airship captain we know, with this katana, a carbon-steel blade topped with a suede handle and a hilt made from brass gears. Open up the pommel to reveal a secret compass!

The katana's scabbard attaches via two large hoops to an aged-leather utility belt, which has pockets for your essentials: binoculars, hourglasses, flasks, or whatever you choose to bring with you. The katana and belt set are ideal for those treks across the skies, to your local convention or to wear with a costume: and the belt is useful even in everyday wear!

Product Specifications

  • Steampunk katana and utility belt
  • For airship captains, cosplayers, and dirigible pirates
  • Belt is constructed from aged leather with brass hardware
  • Belt measures 48" long and snugly fits a 32" - 42" waist
  • Katana blade made from forged-carbon steel with suede & brass hilt and brass scabbard
  • Dimensions: Katana full length 39", blade is 26" long, 1 1/8" wide, and 3/16" thick
  • Weight: 3 lbs., 3 oz. (katana)

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