Mountable Gear Ties

Are you an unclutterbug?

  • Tie, secure, wrap, or organize EVERYTHING
  • Then put it where it belongs and make it stay
  • Great for hiding and organizing cables of all kinds

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Are you an unclutterbug?

We offer these Gear Ties, and the company that makes them figured out how to make them even better. What if in addition to gathering All The Things together you could stick All The Things wherever you wanted to put them? Meet Mountable Gear Ties, a Gear Tie you can put someplace and forget about.

So, if you haven't met Gear Ties before, they're twist ties, only stronger, better, faster reusable. The possibilities are endless once you get your hands on Gear Ties. Cord organization behind your TV, fastening your backpack's zippers together to dissuade pickpockets, creating a stand for your smartphone. And now, with 3M adhesive added to the Gear Ties functionality, you can not only wrangle cables but also hide them. You can create an impromptu keyhook. You can run lights in your shelves or cabinets and see the books, not the wires.

Product Specifications

  • Set of removable, reusable, durable rubber ties with a metal core and 3M adhesive
  • Thousands of uses make them a great gift for anyone who has stuff
  • Two in each pack
  • Choose 2" or 4" long
  • Bend and twist for whatever you need, then stick to keep it there
  • Stick to practically any smooth, flat surface
  • Waterproof, UV-resistant
  • Wide temperature range (use them outdoors)
  • Materials: Tough rubber shell with strong wire inside, 3M adhesive plus tape
  • Some uses:
    • iPod / iPhone / smartphone / earbud cords
    • Home theater wiring
    • Christmas lights
    • Securing laptop bags, backpacks, carry-on luggage
    • Cable management in the office, at home, while traveling
    • Bathroom cord wrangling for spaces with pedestal sinks
    • Gathering things in the garage, the workshop, or the office