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CaffeinAll™ Powder Caffeine Shaker

Caffeine in every sprinkle.

  • Sprinkle non-bitter caffeine onto all your foods.
  • Each sprinkle has about 33mg of caffeine.
  • That means 3 sprinkles has more caffeine than most energy drinks!


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Caffeine in every sprinkle.

 CaffeinAll Powder Caffeine Shaker

There are milestones in human development that will be used as points in time historians will chronicle and refer back to. Sometimes they're disasters and sad things, but most times they are inventions or improvements that echo through time. This is one of those milestones. Something we've craved forever is finally possible, all thanks to CaffeinAll™ Powder Caffeine Shaker.

CaffeinAll™ Powder Caffeine Shaker is one of the most brilliant things ever. It's very simply a shaker full of powdered, non-bitter caffeine. Each sprinkle adds about 33mg of caffeine to whatever your target is. Three sprinkles is more caffeine than most energy drinks! And with about 600 sprinkles per CaffeinAll™ Powder Caffeine Shaker, you'll be able to get the caffeine you need without the expense of high priced energy drinks. CaffeinAll™ Powder Caffeine Shaker - the future is here and it's very, very awake. Oh, and what is it that we've so craved and can finally have? Why, caffeinated french fries, of course!

CaffeinAll™ Powder Caffeine Shaker

  • Each sprinkle of CaffeinAll™ has about 33mg of caffeine.
  • Just sprinkle and stay awake. It's that simple.
  • Magical, non-bitter formula.
  • Gluten free and Kosher!
  • Screw on top for easy travel.
  • Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Caffeine, Vegetable oil.
  • Net Wt.: 2.1oz (approx. 600 sprinkles).
  • Shaker Dimensions: approx. 1.6" diameter x 3.75" tall.

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