Where'd she get the milk?

It's good to have a hobby, especially if you're split into a million little pieces, each of which needs something to do.

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Where'd she get the milk?

Day 363. The terror continues. Also, made another soufflé.
- Oswin Oswald, "Asylum of the Daleks"

The bowl has to be pristine. The egg whites have to be whisked just so. Heck, you have to adjust your recipe for altitude to prevent them from falling immediately if you live too high above sea level on Earth. We're not even going to bring other places in the universe into the mix. Soufflés are notoriously complicated. But of course, whatever (Clara) (Oswin) Oswald chose would be complicated, 'cause that's pretty much her thing. And, slight spoiler alert here, she's also similar to the soufflé in that it is a dessert which inevitably falls. Whose very being is defined by its falling.

A picture of a Soufflé over the words "Soufflé Girl" in black ink on a red 100% cotton babydoll (fitted) shirt.

Note: Please reference the table below to choose your size.

Chest 30 in. 32 in. 34 in. 36 in. 38 in. 40 in.
Waist 28 in. 30 in. 32 in. 34 in. 36 in. 38 in.
Length 24 in. 25 in. 26 in. 27 in. 28 in. 29 in.

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