Like we said, Blaidd Drwg

This is better than spraypainting a shirt because 1) you don't have to spraypaint one of your shirts and 2) it has that logo twist for the extra punch.

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Like we said, Blaidd Drwg

Ontological paradoxes have been one of our favorite things about Doctor Who for years now (and we mean years... maybe starting with "Terminus"?). They're especially brain-hurty when they stretch over multiple episodes, making us struggle to figure out why our brains' Cloister Bell just went off to alert us that all of a sudden there's something very, very wrong with this plot. They're one of those special features that only authors of time travel get to play with and only purveyors of fine science fiction get to enjoy. So, enjoy.

"Bad Wolf" looks like it's spray painted in white ink on the front of this black, 100% cotton shirt, only the D and the W are created by the Doctor Who logo.

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