The effects of ethanol on neuroglia is well documented

  • 2+ Liter borosilicate glass Erlenmeyer flask
  • Glass stopper included
  • Classy way to decant your favorite adult beverage!
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The effects of ethanol on neuroglia is well documented

Ethanol, the active ingredient in alcoholic intoxicants, has a well-documented effect on the human brain. Acute alcohol intoxication starts with lowered inhibitions, impaired coordination, and continues to slurred speech, mood swings, and eventually nausea, vomiting, respiratory failure, and coma. The science shows that the earlier stages of intoxication are far preferable, symptomatically, than the later.

So it is no wonder, then, that scientists prefer storing their ethanol-delivery vectors in oversized Erlenmeyer flasks. These laboratory-quality borosilicate glass flasks can hold more than a magnum's worth of wine, a tregnum's worth of port, or a handle of whiskey. Said flasks are well-suited for continuous experimental study.

Each bottle includes a glass stopper to keep the volatile vapors from escaping through the narrow neck of the bottle, preserving your beverage's delicate flavor and aroma… at least until it's time to let your hair down, loosen your tie, and perform additional experiments on the neurological effects of ethanol. You know - for science!

Product Specifications

  • 2+ Liter borosilicate glass laboratory-quality Erlenmeyer Flask
  • Included glass stopper
  • 165 mm in diameter at the base, 48 mm wide mouth, 284 mm high
  • Graduated markings on the side

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