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Leather Middle-earth Bookmarks

Never forget where you are.

  • Beautiful, leather bookmarks straight from the magical realm of Middle-earth.
  • One from Lord of the Rings and one from The Hobbit.
  • Crafted by the talented artists who did all the leathework for The Hobbit movies!

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Lord of the Rings
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Never forget where you are.

 Leather Middle-earth Bookmarks

The dwarves marched. The hobbits climbed. The wizard strode. Sometimes adventures start with just one step; other times with a very very long hike. The Hobbit . . . The Lord of the Rings . . . where would they be without lots and lots of walking? That's right: they'd be novellas instead of epics! And since they areepics, you really don't want to lose your place while reading them. That's where these Leather Middle-earth Bookmarks come in handy!

Each Leather Middle-earth Bookmarks is embossed leather with a scene of the group that goes walking in their respective story. Sure the bookmarks are beautiful and sure the embossed scene is perfectly done. But the real cool feature is: these bookmarks were made by the folks who did the leatherwork for The Hobbit movies. That's right: these Leather Middle-earth Bookmarks are relatives of costumes used in the movies. Keep your place as you read (or re-re-re-read) your favorite Tolkien novel in style.

Leather Middle-earth Bookmarks

  • Embossed leather bookmarks with classic Middle-earth team silhouettes.
  • The Hobbit bookmark features Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves hiking to reclaim the throne of Erebor and get rid of Smaug once and for all.
  • The Lord of the Rings bookmark features The Fellowship of the Ring as they trek towards Mount Doom.
  • The Hobbit is a deep red leather and The Lord of the Rings is a rich brown.
  • Created by the same talented artists and craftsmen who created leatherwork for the 3 Foot 7 art department on The Hobbit movies.
  • Dimensions: 2" x 6.7"