Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault

Make every gift an adventure!

  • Make a gift all the more memorable inside this password-locked device.
  • Five letter code can be customized over and over.
  • Slot in the bottom, so you can use it as a bank, too!


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Make every gift an adventure!

Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault

Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault

You know what's better than getting presents? Nothing! But sometimes giving, we have to admit, is kinda fun. The joy when you give that someone a big bag of fun-sized candy is undeniable. But even more enjoyable that giving a special present is giving it in a way that makes the giftee have to work for it - like the box within a box within a box sort of thing. Well forget about just patience, what if your intended need to know the password, too? And soon they will, when you give them their gift in a Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault.

The Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault is a very simple device. The gift goes in the clear bottle and without the five letter code, the vault will not open. And it's not a set word. The brilliance of the Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault is that it's very easy to customize your own code word. With 5 rows and 26 letters per row, that's about a billion zillion different combinations. And what's more, if you don't want to give your Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault away, you can always use it as a bank (there's a coin slot in the bottom). Now get your own Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault and do something wicked. Imagine a wedding proposal, where the ring is inside one of these! And the code could be "I DO DO!" Hahaha. Doo doo.

Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault

  • Use it as a bank or use it to hold a present - if you don't know the secret code, you'll never get the goodies.
  • Slot underneath for depositing money (so, therefore, not for use with liquid gifts).
  • Five letter code word can easily be set (and reset, so you can use it over and over) to your favorite five letters.
  • Letter code device works just like the thing in that movie with Tom Hanks and his funny hair.
  • Made of space-age plastic.
  • Bottle accepts items that will fit though a 2.75" diameter opening and up to 7.75" in length.
  • Dimensions: approx. 4.5" diameter x 8.5" tall

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