Cable O' 10 Tails

Because we can never find the right charger

  • Cable O' 10 Tails lets you charge a variety of old AND new devices via USB
  • See what's on those old smartphones in the drawer
  • 10 different connectors including 30-pin, micro USB, and mini USB


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Because we can never find the right charger

You know you should recycle your old phones, but let's be honest with each other here for a minute. Like us, you also have a drawer full of old electronics, right? There's some chargers in there and some earbuds you kept "just in case," and lord knows which part goes with what any more.

And when you get your new device, you start out optimistically planning to transfer all your data over, but what happens is you transfer your contacts, and then you start playing with your new phone, and you think, "I'll get back to that old phone and transfer the data later," and then the next thing you know, you're transferring your contacts to your newer new phone, and phone twice removed gets shoved in that drawer, never to be heard from again.

Don't you wonder if your old LG Chocolate still has photos of that rockin' New Year's Eve party in 2006? But you don't have its charger any longer, and the battery's been dead for years. ThinkGeek has the solution.

With the Cable O' 10 Tails you can power up your old devices and see what's on them. Plus, once you've wiped all your personal stuff, you can get around to recycling them, feeling even more confident that your data won't be get out there since you've personally taken that extra step.

Note: While this will charge your device, it probably won't let you transfer data. At least it didn't let us with the combination of computers and phones we tried it out with. But if you have different results, tell us in the comments below!

Product Specifications

  • Cable O' 10 Tails lets you charge a variety of old AND new devices via USB
  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Connectors included:
    • iOS 30-pin (All iPhone 4S & earlier, iPad 3rd gen & earlier, iPods made before 2012)
    • Micro USB (Most Android phones/tablets, kindles, and other electronics)
    • Mini USB (Portable Speakers, batteries, GPS units, and other electronics)
    • DC 2mm (Nokia 2)
    • DC 3.5mm (Nokia 3.5)
    • DC 4mm (PSP)
    • LG 18-pin
    • Samsung 20-pin
    • Samsung Comte 20-Pin
    • Sony Ericsson
  • Dimensions: 9" from plug to plug

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