Premium DIY Gramophone Kit

DIY old school tunes.

  • Classy, DIY kit to make your own gramophone.
  • It not only plays records, it can also record them!
  • Plays SPs, EPs, and LPs.

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DIY old school tunes.

 Premium DIY Gramophone Kit

We love our high tech gadgets, but we also like to return to the past of our dreams - where springs and gears made everything possible. And there's nothing like old school technology making music. Yup, we're talking records. The fact that records are still being made in the digital age of now shows just how tight records are woven into the aural fabric of our tonal history (that sounded fancy). But just like lightsabers, the best records are those you make yourself. And now you can with this Premium DIY Gramophone Kit.

See, there are many secrets to the Premium DIY Gramophone Kit. It's no secret it's a kit you get the joy to assemble yourself. It's also no secret that it looks gorgeous sitting on your desk or shelf or whatever. The secret is in the stylus. You can use the bamboo stylus to play records (and you cut that stylus yourself) or you can use the metal stylus to cut (i.e., record) your own records! Use the included recording sheets or any extra CDs you have laying around. The Premium DIY Gramophone Kit has a variable speed control, too, so it plays SPs, EPs, and LPs. So, sit back, pop on your favorite Raymond Scott Quintette record, and groove to the music flowing from your assembled Premium DIY Gramophone Kit.

Please Note: The instructions included with this kit are in Japanese. BUT, the folks at Gakken make the pictures so clear, it's very easy to put together.

Premium DIY Gramophone Kit

  • For Ages 12 and up.
  • Construct your own gramophone, which looks like it was ripped straight out of the past!
  • Uses a wound spring for power, so no electricity needed!
  • Perfect for any airship's ballroom.
  • RPM is variable, so you can play SPs, EPs, and LPs.
  • Innovative design plays AND records (on unwanted CDs).
  • Imported from Japan - designed by Gakken.
  • Includes: Main unit parts, bamboo stylus, metal needles for recording experiments, bamboo stylus cutter, recording sheets, screwdrivers, and instructions.
  • Assembled Dimensions: approx. 7.9" x 15" x 12.6"