More than meets the eye

Who was the first person, bored with putting some corporate presentation together, who figured out that cats love laser pointers? Cause that person probably deserves some sort of impossible to capture award from cats everywhere.

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More than meets the eye

Cats and laser pointers. It's like there's some sort of compulsion going on there. What they're actually doing is research for their grants in laser use in areas such as homeland security, medical imaging, and quantum physics. In an area of study long-dominated by humans, felines are beginning to show great potential in micromachining, functional application of high-power lasers, and the development of new types of lasers that can maximize elevator-butt syndrome.

A bespectacled grey tabby in a lab coat who has taped a laser pointer to his own tail* chases the red dot with the caption "Laser Research" beneath on the front of this indigo blue, 100% cotton shirt.

*Note: ThinkGeek does not endorse taping a laser pointer to your cat's tail. That's only going to result in Many Broken Things, quite possibly including the humans.

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