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Dis Particle Has a Flavor. Is Toona.

Look, researchers. If you want us to stop thinking of cats when you come up with new theories, you gotta stop naming them cute things. "Fuzzball theory?" Really? The event horizon of a black hole is really a ball of strings? Guarded by Basement Cat?

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Dis Particle Has a Flavor. Is Toona.

You know how your cat pounces on something for absolutely no apparent reason? Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, and then out of the blue you see your cat flying off the turnbuckle (sofa) delivering one little furry elbow drop to a toy. Our theory is that with the feline's acute senses, it's actually picking up the oscillations and vibrations of subatomic particles, because it experiences more dimensions than we can as humans. Either that or it's gotten into the catnip again.

A bespectacled grey tabby in a lab coat wrestles with a ball of string with the caption "String Theory Research" beneath on the front of this stone blue, 100% cotton shirt.

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